• RT : If you go 70% in workouts so you don't mess up, you'll fail all the time in games when everything is sped up! Failing now = success later.,
  • RT : My favorite part of a workout is when someone is going hard enough that they mess up. Eventually they will get it mastered at that speed.,
  • RT : Four things that kill an offense: Weak screens, Lazy cuts, Poor spacing, and holding the ball!,
  • RT : Live Period Advice👓📝 Be a leader, first on the court, vocal, dressed & ready. Coaches like to see guys they know they won't have to baby,
  • RT : Apr 11-12 NCAA CERTIFIED 90 Teams,will also be a sell out at 10 Court New 24 facility!#BIGSHOTSDC has had legendary games/STARS!,

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